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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 10, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he did. the president of the n.r.a. skipped his meeting with the vice president and afterwards they blasted the meeting. there were cameras inside the meeting but no cameras were allowed in the meeting this afternoon with the n.r.a. and other gun advocacy groups. the n.r.a. said after the meeting they won't allow gun owners to be blamed for the acts of criminals and mad men. issuing a blistering statement saying we were disappointed on how little this meeting had to do with keepinging our children safe. at a news session the vice president said the chance to save even one life justifies action with graphic comments about newtown's youngest action. >> to see kids riddled not just shot but riddled -- riddled with
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bullet holes in their classroom. >> biden tried to appeal to the gun rights group saying that he suicide a gun owner. he laid out ideas opposed by the group, including universal background checks not just at gun shows but all private sellers. gabby giffords are lobbying congress to enblame new rules. >> i went through a background check. why can't we make it more difficult for criminals and mentally ill to get guns. >> the head of the n.r.le a. accused the white house of using the newtown tragedy of stripping gun owners of their rights. tonight the vice president sits down with officials from the entertainment live, rebecca cooper. >> virginia voters seem to agree with both sides.
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a poll found 2/3 supported putting armed police officers in schools. a majority also supports an assault weapons ban saying the weapons make the nation more dangerous. half of virginiaians feel that guns protect citizens. >> president obama's cabinet shuffle continued today when he nominated jack lew for treasury secretary. he will have to hit the ground running. the nation is society to hit the borrowing limit at the end of january. the president insists lew is ready. >> having lew on your team is the equivalent of a culture to have the luxury of putting anyone in a position and knowing he will do well. >> president obama considered resending the nomination after seeing lew's signature which
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would be on all currency if confirmed. rick santorum is launching a campaign to defeat the nomination of rick hagel. he says hagel "antiisrael pro iran mindset makes him unqualified for the pentagon job." president obama nominated hagel on monday. >> we're now learning that it sequestration could mean a month-long furlough for civilian employees at the military. the plan requires $45 billion in budget cuts including a 15% cut in payroll. the pentagon says they are studying other options. >> the race is on for a new location for the f.b.i. political leaders from virginia are making their pitch to
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replace the hoover building in downtown d.c. that the majority of employees live in that state. the group points out the academy and labs are located at quantico and agencies like the c.i.a. are nearby. >> we feel confident that as process and decision is made on the merits that virginia will be. >> both prince george's and in maryland say that will be successful as well. there is no timetable for a decision yet. >> as parts of the nation deal with a spike in flu season we're getting a better idea how bad the problem is in our area. >> what we've learned is that those who came to the c.v.s. hoping to get a flu shot, they got turned away. this c.v.s. promises flu shots
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every day but today they are out of the regular flu vaccine. >> it is a bad year. >> high demand for the flu vaccine is affecting local frarmcies. >> i'm going to get mine. >> i've been doing it for the last 10 years and so far it works for me. >> here in the district, 310 flu cases have been con confirmed and we're only partly through the flu season. flu conditions could quickly escalate warned by the mayor. he wants to be prepared for the inauguration and the thousands expected to be arriving. so far 95% of the nearly 135 million doses of vaccines have been distributed across the country. boston subpoena under a medical emergency with 18 dead. illinois, minnesota, and kentucky are also hard hit. >> the flu is very well matched
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to the h.3n. >> keeping track of the widespread vy arise can be done on google which pinpoints the outbreaks. some use social media to keep track of local cases. >> the apps is crazy. >> metro riders would be happy to here that the trains are being disinfected to help keep those germs at bay. >> coming up, the secretary of defense makes a bold statement on the future of afghanistan. after more than a decade of war. >> a final straw on bus riders. why they are demanding that something bedone on security. >> it is full speed ahead for a massive tribute to the godfather
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of go-go. a first look at chuck brown park is next. >> i'm doug hill in the weather center. cloudy mild warm upfor the weekend. it does not feel like january.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side.
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>> a lasting tribute to the godfather of go-go is a go. >> sam ford gives us a look at what will become chuck brown park. >> chuck brown, the godfather of go-go music died last spring. by tends of next summer the city is promising to have a park constructed in his honor in northeast d.c. mayor vincent gray signed the bill today. >> the park is now official. >> for the ceremony were several members of chuck brown's family. >> this is very nice. >> we love that the city shows the enthusiasm. >> it helps with the grieving process. >> chuck brown died last may and thousands of fans paid tribute at the howard theater. the architect of that project is also the architect for the
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memorial park. >> there is a list we call it the gateaway, a list of his all music. >> he grew up in the neighborhood and used to play here as a kid. but son the park will take on a bigger significance for chuck brown fans. >> my father loved the city, he loved his fans. where you were from it did not matter. >> the official price tag for the park, d.c. general services told us, $1 million. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> very nice. president obama has selected the bible that he will use to take the oath of office. it they are personal and significant to him. he will use the bible that michelle obama's father gave his
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mother in 1958. for the inauguration ceremony the president will use two bibes, one is the lincoln bible that he took the oath with in 2009 and abraham lincoln used for his inauguration. he also plans to use martin luther king's personal traveling bible. >> the final chapter in afghanistan. the secretary of defense makes a bold prediction. >> we had a mild january night in washington. doug hill is back with how long this will last. >> rg3 is pressing to start his rehab and recovery. the window zards are ready for wall to return while the ravepbtses are going to count on ray ray in the mile-high city.
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>> at least 150 people are dead after a series of bombings in pakistan. eight people died in the initial attack at an explosion at a bill lard hall in pakistan. >> the united states is in the final chapter of the struggle to
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ensure afghanistan can govern and protect itself. that is defense secretary panetta's message. both men agree that the more than decade-long war has been costly. >> we have sacrificed together. that has created a bond that will not be broken in the future. >> u.s. troops are expected to leave afghanistan by the end of next year. today's meeting comes one day before karzai meeting with president obama at the white house. >> metro is looking at its security, specifically on buses. in the wake of a shooting incident last december that left a young mother dead and her daughter wounded. brown was shot to death while she was boarding a bus. her 23-month-old daughter was shot in the face but survived.
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authorities say the child's father later killed himself. police say that they caught the man who stole two police cruisers last month. they are both charged with grand larcenyny. the cruisers were stolen within days of each other. a missing shotgun and mobile computer remains unaccounted for. >> the coast guard is holding hearings to investigate the sinking of a tall ship during hurricane sandy. it sank about 90 miles southeast of north carolina. two people including the captain were killed and 14 others survived after escaping in lifeboats. >> no pictures like that around here, thank heavens. >> nice and quiet weather around here. we have a couple of systems that are going to come through and give us showers then winter returns.
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let's get started here with a look in fairfax. a time-lapse, a good glimpse in the sky with a nice sun rise. that is the story area wide now. 45 in frederick. 49 in washington. 52 in fredericksburg. 57, a mild day, 14 degrees above average. wait until the weekend when we might get 25 degrees above average. colder air to the west but not dramatically cold, that is locked up in canada. when i tell you winter is returning next week it it will be seasonal temperatures. it will be more january-like as we head through the next six or seven days. moisture from developing systems are pushing to the north spreading showers to the lakes all the way to the mississippi
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river valley. it will pass to our northwest tomorrow. we'll beeno the fridges of it. chilly overnight 33 to 40 degrees. as we get through the day tomorrow we'll look for cloudy skies pretty much for the entire day. through the day, hang on to the cloud cover and we'll watch for light rain or showers. right now, it looks like everything should clear out quickly as we head through the day saturday. we'll start off saturday with cloudiness but then skies will brighten up. lower 50's, lower 60's on saturday. upper 60's on sunday with some sunny. then a slow-moving cold front and dropping temperatures through the balance of next week. keep checking on our weather page we have a bunch of
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interesting stuff. a brand-new blog that is a response to some of the coverage of the weather climate data for 2012. an interesting look at facts and figures maybe you didn't hear. check that out. >> we're all watching rg3 closely. things are going well, hopefully. >> they are keeping a good eye on him. he is starting his recovery with a positive outlook. the doctor says that griffin is anxious to start rehab and start his recovery. the first thing they will do is mansion the swelling and get the motion back in the knee. if his attitude, determination, and drive are any indication they say he will stay on schedule for his return. how about john wall, he went harded a practice then stayed on the court to work on a shot and go through individual drills. he is still on schedule to
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return on saturday. keep in mind, he has yet to play this year because of his injury. >> these are the two hardest days back-to-back that he put together. obviously, we have to see how his body responds to that and so far everything has been good. we got another good day. if everything is good we'll push him again tomorrow and see what saturday is. >> the coach right there. remember oaths who was picked if you the nba in 2007. he's been out for three years because of a knee injury but he says he is coming back. and the miami heat may be interested. the baltimore ravens are expecting temperatures in the low 20's in denver for the playoff game against the broncos. they know that throwing and catching will be difficult so
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run, baby, run. the ravens are a different team. they may be the -- this may be the last game for ray lewis and it is one and done. >> playoffs are not about stats. it is about winning games. you play the regular season, that's what you get paid for. but the playoffs you build a legacy. so obviously i want to be remembered my by playoffs so it time step it up a little bit. >> the action against florida state. maryland let that game slip away from them. they were down two and all len goes up for the shot and he is blocked. but he was open and seth is a terrific player, just a freshman, he will learn. they had a chance at the end of the game to extend the game. chucks lose for the first time. the play of the day, how about
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this. san diego state versus fresno state. off of the back board for the big dunk. this is one of those plays you set it up, you score the bucket and you get the play of the day. sources tonight say that notre dame head football coach brian kelly interviewed with the philadelphia eagles tuesday and then left the country. he says he will visit this weekend when he gets back into the country. this is days after the national championship game after he says he will never leave notre dame. >> thank you. >> w
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>> we are looking forward to the next few days. >> the weekend is going to be sweet. we have moisture moving in from the south and west and forming clouds now. over the weekend we will start to clear out. start we will see temperatures climbing into the lower 60's with partly cloudy skies. complose to 70 in spots on sunday. colder and rainier for next week. deny rainy next week. >>
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